Monday, April 25, 2011



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3% other said...

yet we keep coming back. That's why the myth exists. It describes a part of our human condition. Do you like Jung and Campbell?

Bree said...

Hey Jacket - sorry I haven't responded to this yet. Yes, the indomitable human spirit and all that. When I posted this image, I was feeling rather bouldered-over. I'm happy to report that, while life doesn't seem to be getting any less complicated, my mood has improved, even if just a little.

I like Jung okay. Not too big a fan of classic psychoanalysis, in general, but of course there were a lot of brilliant ideas in there amid all the culture-boundness. I haven't had much exposure to Joseph Campbell (assuming that's who you mean), but I know some of the gist of his work with narratives and myth.

Do you have some goodies along these lines for me?