Saturday, November 26, 2011

And then there was one.

I'm ditching the 30 Days Meme. I completed two out of 30 entries, and I've rapidly found that that particular list of prompts just isn't doing anything for me. Scrapped. Gonna try my hand at going back to writing my own free-form narrative, even if I have to write about shit I don't wanna write about. I've been ambivalating enough for the last year-plus. I need to get back to the Breeness of it all.

Two things you probably know if you know me In Real Life, but don't yet know if you only know me via Toothpick Labeling or Limburger, my previous personal blog:

1. I got bit really badly by a dog in September, and now I've got a killer motherfucking scar on my left hand. By the grace of randomness, luck, and privilege, I've got most functionality back, and a family who can help me cover the medical bills.

<--How it looked two days after the bite.
How it looks now.-->

So, there was that.

2. Astrid and I broke up about a month ago. You, the reader, met Astrid nearly seven years ago, when I wrote about our first date. Since then, those tentative and doubtful and sexy beginnings became the longest relationship for either of us, the longest shack up, the deepest intimacy, and ultimately the most slow-motion, excruciating breakup in my life. The last year and a half have been fucking painful. Now that we've broken up, we both feel a lot of relief, release, and freedom to find ourselves in different ways. It's actually been, on the whole, easier between us since we made the decision to end it.

And here's the interesting part: we still live together. Tune in next time for more!


Toad's Lair said...

I'm really glad you're writing here again. Also, I followed your link and read for the first time of your account of meeting Astrid and the anxiety, connection, and excitement that goes into such an experience.

Bree, you have a gift for words. xo

Bree said...

Hey Toad! Thanks so much for your confidence in my scribbles. :) And thanks for reading 'em at all. It's hard to put stuff out there when I'm pretty convinced no one's on the receiving end. But I guess it's my inner resistance that's been keeping me away. Hoping to move through ever more layers of that.

((hugs)) - and brunch soon? Yeah?